Top 5 best fighting games on Android nowadays (Part 2)

Shadow Fight 3

As a dramatic improvement compared to the previous two versions, Shadow Fight 3 no longer uses simple 2D graphics and a cast of characters only all “shadow” again, but instead owns extremely beautiful 3D graphics background with its proprietary technology called “Cascadeur”.

It can be said, Shadow Fight 3 completely transformed from graphics, gameplay to how to lead the plot in the game. Fans of this series will easily recognize the epic action scenes of the battle, while enjoying exciting new features such as rich missions, deeply customized characters and A thrilling new plot, much more attractive.

Coming to Shadow Fight 3, players not only control the character in the normal way, but also have to coordinate the charges on a reasonable level. Not only that, the game also offers an extremely rich system of weapons and armor for players to collect and choose for their characters. Players can upgrade and develop them all to increase power significantly.

Injustice 2 Mobile

Injustice 2 Mobile is the mobile version of Injustice 2 game. This is the game that continues the success of the previous version of Injustice Gods Among Us with the continuity in content and more development in graphics, gameplay.

Although not possessing free and diverse gameplay like the three titles above, Injustice 2 has a very strong visual advantage, compared to any other game of the same genre. The game has sharp graphics, well-invested character creation and the effects are also very nice.

In addition to Injustice 2, you can also consider another game, Tekken Mobile.

Real Boxing 2 Rocky

Developed on high-end Unreal Engine 4 graphics, Real Boxing 2 Rocky deserves to be named in the fighting games that have both good gameplay and the best images in the fighting genre on mobile.

Unlike the above games, the gameplay of Real Boxing 2 Rocky is quite interesting. Players will participate in boxing matches from a very close angle, so you can feel the punches kicking the most honest way.

With a fast-paced and very intense game, always having to combine the skills of punching, defending, dodging and hitting fierce hooks on the enemy’s face, … Real Boxing 2 Rocky deserves a game For gamers who want to experience the most realistic kicking experience possible.

Top 5 best fighting games on Android nowadays (Part 1)

Let’s review 5 best online fighting games on Android operating system in the following article!

With the development of technology, antagonistic mobile games on mobile are becoming more and more modern, image quality is improved and gameplay is more and more attractive. So, which of the following fighting games absolutely deserves the top 5 of the best fighting games on Android operating system? Let’s review in the post below!

I. Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition deserves the first name on this list. Is a fighting game adapted on the mobile of the legendary fighting game line “Street Fighter”, this version is actually a perfect upgrade of the popular version of Street Fighter IV Volt on iOS.

Staging numerous characters of the game

Although not possessing beautiful graphics like contemporary games, it still shows the full details and movement of each character. Of course, with a mobile game genre full of games that have “good graphics, and the gameplay is the opposite”, Street Fighter goes against that. The game’s control system is quite intuitive, with 4-button D-PAD keys and virtual Joystick to help the character move, attack, or perform beautiful combo skills.

In addition to the usual game modes such as Arcade, Training, Survival, Champion Edition also allows players to play online, competing against others. Show your skills through top-notch combos, or narrow-minded moves, it all depends on you. The control system of the game is very simple and flexible.

II. The King Of Fighter 2012

Surely, fans of the fighting game series will not be strange with the name King Of Fighter, when it was very famous in the 9x years.

The King Of Fighter 2012 which is considered to be the “countervailing” version of the latest game series on mobile at the present time. The control mechanism of the 2012 version is not only simpler, more flexible, but also easier to combine combos than previous seniors. Players can unleash punches, select tactics to defeat the enemy.

Like Street Fighter IV Champion Edition, KOF 2012 has a huge weakness, that is the image. Unlike the extremely fun and inspiring sound for players, the 2D image of KOF 2012 is not really easy to satisfy most gamers when there are old games with even good image quality.

Top 10 fighting games for PC nowadays (Part 2)

3. For Honor

For Honor tells about the battle between three legions with different cultures – Samurai, Knight and Viking – the most powerful legions in the Middle Ages, they profess in different directions.

The game conveys the souls of all three troops such as Knight’s integrity, brutality, cruelty, belief in death and will go to Valhalla of the Vikings and the indomitable spirit of Samurai and the rivalry of the Daimyo. Because the time is not much, only a mere 6 to 7 hours with 18 screens

For Honor is a bit of a Dark Souls, a bit of Dynasty Warrior and a little of the fighting genre to create a unique overall. Not too difficult to get used to but it is not easy to enter the high-profile position. In particular, about the three responses to attack and defense was hard work and training. The game is supported on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

4. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Road to Boruto

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Road to Boruto is a great extension for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 The plot of this extension goes far beyond the original manga’s content so you can live in the events.

The event happened after the end of the Naruto Shippuden series, and took control of completely new characters. This is the next generation of ninja warriors, many of which are the children of old heroes like Boruto (Son of Naruto) or Sarada (Daughter of Sasuke and Sakura).

Along with that, Hidden Leaf Village also has a new place to explore. The publisher confirmed that this will be the last game in this series, so the development team has put all their efforts into it, to make it the best part of the Series with extremely diverse and rich content. Although it is just an expansion pack. The game is supported on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

5. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

It is known that this is a fighting game featuring the famous superheroes of both Marvel and Capcom. In addition, the Infinity Stones in Infinity War also appear in this game as tools to help strengthen the character

The game promises to bring you fascinating battles between the two Marvel factions against Capcom. The game also includes 2 parts that are Offline and Online, along with many attractive game modes.

Top 10 fighting games for PC nowadays (Part 1)

Fighting is a game genre loved by many players because the drama is shown right on the fiery match. Here are top 10 fighting games for PC nowadays.

1. Omen of Sorrow

This is an extremely attractive fighting game genre. The game possesses 12 creatures found only in myths as well as horror legends in the world. The game promises to have fighting mechanisms specifically for hard-core professional players.

The game will reflect the ability to control time, outline tactics and skills of the player but will still be easy for those New players exposed. In addition, Omen Of Sorrow also has an online game mode to help you show your skills to many friends around the world.

The game is supported on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

2. Injustice 2

Injustice 2 can be considered as a fighting game with a single player (Single Player) most attractive at the moment. The colorful plot and the open, up and down knots are so fascinating that if one connects the transitions and dialogs of the character into a complete movie.

Not only has a good story, the sound and visual part is also a great point for Injustice 2. Because it revolves around the battle of superheroes, so the moves in the game all require to be shown strong, commensurate with the strength of the characters. Injustice 2 has excelled in this element.

To complement the thrilling story, the voiceover as well as the expressions of the characters in the game are also elaborated.

They portray the spirit of each character like in the comics, for example, the manly Superman, Batman is deep and judgmental, Robin’s confidence and aggression, the madness of the Joker clown couple and Harley Quinn.

Players can feel just how heavy Superman’s punch is, how fast a flash of lightning flashes through the air to break sound and images, or perceive Batman. how to play “dominant”. The game is supported on PC, Xbox One, PS4, IOS and Android platforms.

The most intense fighting game on PC nowadays

1. Game Marvel Contest of Champions

Fighting game Marvel Contest of Champions mobile is a mobile game developed compatible with both iOS and Android mobile systems. Belonging to the confrontation game genre, Marvel Contest of Champions is a 1-on-1 battle between superhero characters and bad guys based on the content of Marvel’s works. The game was released in 2014, leaving Marvel’s fans restless.

2. Legendary game Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X officially launched in 2015, is the successor to the game Mortal Kombat. In particular, the effects, fighting skills of the characters have been improved, added diversity. Players can experience Mortal Kombat X on a variety of platforms such as Microsoft computers, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, and now on smartphones.

3. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a great fighting game waiting for gamers. The game possesses many popular characters, players will join the fight to win the final. Thanks to the beautiful game effects and diverse character systems, the game was famous before its debut.

4. Transformers: Forged to Fight

Are you a Michael Bay fan? So surely can not ignore the game Transformers: Forged to Fight extremely attractive. Fight characters in the game are huge battle robots participating in many intense fighting battles. When playing games , you will enjoy beautiful 3D graphics space, participate in battles in the surreal 360-degree arena.

5. Shadow Fight 3

If you have ever experienced the game Moba, then definitely can not ignore the fascinating game Shadow Fight 3. Background game is a colorful war between the characters are designed in detail, diverse and beautiful costumes, equipped with weapons and top notch skills. In the game, players will be fascinated from costumes to the powerful blow effect of the characters.

6. Beat Street

You are looking for a simple fighting game, low capacity, suitable for mobile devices, you definitely should not ignore the challenging Beat Street fighting game. This good mobile game released by the developer Lucky Kat Studios is suitable for both Android and iOS operating systems. Design images, vivid sound in the game promises to bring hours of entertainment, great relaxation.

7. The King of Fighters-A 2012

The King of Fighters-A 2012 version is the successor of the cult game Street Fighter once. The King of Fighters-A game supports multi-platform gaming on computers, laptops or phones, convenient for entertainment wherever you are. The gameplay in the game is designed with diverse, impressive, certainly will not make you disappointed.

The common point of most fighting games is to focus on challenges, creating drama, thrilling, stimulating players. In addition, with the support of beautiful graphics, diverse gameplay increases the appeal for the game.

Top 5 best fighting games that you should not miss

Fighting is a game genre loved by many players because the drama is shown right on the fiery match.

Final Fighter

Final Fighter tries to bring players a truly quality fighting game on mobile with a diverse system of characters, visual effects, and fighting skills that are very attractive to players.

The game also ensures elements of experience such as a game console with basic control keys that help players be more excited when playing. The modes and missions in Final Fighter also make players less bored than other titles.

Fighting EX Layer -α

Fighting EX Layer -α game is quite interesting in the game of fighting style of swipe, drawing and touching is very simple, besides Fighting EX Layer -α has only 4 characters for you to choose and fight in a room. only. The strength of Fighting EX Layer -α is beautiful and colorful graphics, very similar to games on consoles so it is suitable for gamers who love fighting games on consoles.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Needless to say much about this game because Street Fighter series has been known around the world for a long time, this series has a story and gameplay that attracts players, bringing exciting moments and bouncing matches. fire that you cannot ignore.

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight has been around for quite some time – the latest game in this series is Shadow Fight 3. Of course, Shadow Fight 3 adds more options, weapons and switches to a new way of operation and improved graphics. significantly advanced fascinated players.

Boxing Star

Boxing Star has a Story mode where players fight through unique tournaments and locations to become Boxing World Champions. Gameplay is optimized for the mobile experience and offers simple touch, swipe and swipe controls.

Players can improve the skills of boxers through skill upgrades, where they can master jab, hook and special moves to take down the enemy.

Top attractive online games for those who prefer PvP fighting

Here is a collection of online games that focus on PvP with action scenes that are popular with gamers.

Rise of Incarnates

In this test, there will be 8 character classes for gamers to choose, all with completely different skill sets, from mobility, power as well as the number of combo moves. This will create flexible gameplay mechanics that are very interesting for gamers.

In addition, the countervailing part of Rise of Incarnates will remain the same as the previous introduction, we will also learn more about Arcade and Bot mode.

Rise of Incarnates possesses relatively beautiful and impressive graphics, comic book style. The environmental effects in battle are also maximized when the character can destroy the environment such as breaking walls or some objects in the arena.

Cronix Online

Recently, attractive online action game with PvP Cronix Online has entered the testing stage through Steam system.

Basically, Cronix Online will “throw” you into a large and quite chaotic battlefield, gamers can change champions at any time and the weapons are also extremely diverse, ranging from close to fight far.

The game offers 3 game modes including: Survival (destroy the enemy to get a higher score, the winner will be decided when the time is up or the specified milestone is reached), Brawl (2 teams will compete against each other in the deadmatch style, the side that wins 3 or 5 games will win the game in the end) and Domination (capturing and holding the given points will be the target for scoring and winning).

As for graphics, Cronix Online is done on Unreal Engine (probably Unreal 3) so the image is still very impressive.

Champions of Regnum

Champions of Regnum – An online role-playing game that is highly appreciated for its battleground features with thousands of participants officially opened for free to welcome players on Steam. For those who are interested, you can find out more at the homepage

The combat mechanism in Champions of Regnum goes in the direction of non-target action. However, the attacks of the characters are relatively discrete, following each skill rather than hitting into combos like many non-target games today.

Affected by the pandemic, PUBG suddenly revived

Gamers are encouraged to stay at home and limit the way, so PUBG has the opportunity to rediscover its peak.

It can be said that the name PUBG has been mentioned in recent months, but in a positive way, less is negative. Although it has been trying to save with constantly updating new things, from features to maps as well as a series of skins, but this game still has to witness the scene of the majority of players who have gradually quit the game.

Meanwhile, eSports teams also started wiping out the PUBG team. In addition to the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone, there is more reason to believe that PUBG’s “digital spirit” is over.

Trying to save with the updates did not work, but when PUBG Corp crossed their arms, everything showed signs of a positive change. Specifically, based on Steam statistics in recent times, PUBG has strongly revived when the sudden increase in the number of players.

Accordingly, on April 4th, there are more than the amount of CCU (the number of players at the same time) of PUBG sometimes reached over 950,000 – something that only existed a year ago for this game. Meanwhile, PUBG’s CCU last week was also at 600,000, a pretty good number to know that once the game was only about 300,000 players at a time.

PUBG suddenly had a strong increase in players on April 4

The explanation for this sudden “resurrection” is not difficult, since perhaps due to the complicated disease situation, the people were ordered to restrict the road, so PUBG online game suddenly became their lifeline in Chain of days at home. However, this is thought to be just a signal of a temporary comeback, not sustainable and long-term as the game itself still has too many bugs and bug cheats.

Review Combat Arms: Free interesting shooter (Part 1)

Basically, Combat Arms is quite similar to the game of Special Force or AVA of NPH NHN, when players will not have special skills such as high jump, slide as fast as many other shooting games that only the owner Weak move as usual.

Is a relatively “ancient” shooter game but at the time of launch, Combat Arms once caused a fever in the world with more than 1 million registered accounts. After more than 5 years of operation, Combat Arms remains relatively stable with the English version. For those who are interested, you can find out more at the homepage.

Graphics in Combat Arms are built relatively beautiful and eye-catching. Although not comparable with the current shooting games, but the movement of the characters in the game is quite smooth and flexible, not forced…

In addition, the map and context of the game are also designed to be easy to see, helping players easily cover the entire map and scenery during the game.

In fact, Combat Arms introduces players to an authentic fighting style. Basically, according to the feeling, Combat Arms is quite similar to the game of Special Force or AVA of NPH NHN, when players will not have special skills such as high jump, slide as fast as many other shooting games that only the owner Weak move as usual.

Combat Arms introduces players to 6 game modes, which include familiar game modes such as Deathmatch, Zombie shooting.

In Combat Arms, players will be able to choose from nearly 100 different equipment types, from long guns, pistols to grenades, melee knives. However, during the match, players will only be allowed to carry a single weapon of each type.

Not only do players require in-game money to buy new equipment, many weapons will need gamers to reach a certain rank to unlock.

In addition, guns can be attached to a number of accessories, such as the AK47 can be fitted with laser-guided viewfinder. This can be seen as a new feature in the gameplay of Combat Arms compared to other shooters of the same genre.