Top 5 fighting games played by hand controller on PC nowadays (Part 2)

Dynasty Warriors 8

Dynasty Warriors 8 is inspired by the famous novel series, produced by the game, Dynasty Warriors by Omega Force. With this famous name, gamers appreciate this game very much.

This is the 8th version in the Dynasty Warriors series, which has inherited the strengths and weaknesses of the previous versions and also added many unique new features.

Get the plot in the Three Kingdoms war, the power between the three countries. In the Dynasty Warriors 8 version, producer Omega Force added some chapters and new character roles.

This helps to enrich and expand the plot in the Three Kingdoms, which has been used a lot in previous versions. Dynasty Warriors 8 is considered one of the very popular PC controller games that you should try.

Renegade Ops

When it comes to handheld games on laptops, Renegade Ops will certainly be the first name on the list. In the game, gamers will be immersed in extremely unique battles on the battlefield full of dangerous bombs.

Players will be provided with machine guns, flamethrowers to use as combat weapons. You need to complete the assigned missions and challenges to upgrade weapons. Besides, you are also provided with means of transportation such as racing cars, airplanes. Try to download Renegade Ops to your laptop and join the experience, it will certainly not disappoint you.

Disney Universe

Disney Universe is one of the animated controller games on PC. You need to be extremely skillful to be able to overcome the challenges before the dark forces to protect the lives of all species and win. This game is considered to be able to effectively relieve stress because of the fun and humor for gamers to participate.

Above are the hand-held games on the most popular laptop today. After a long day of studying and working tirelessly, there are moments of stress relief with unique, interesting games that are extremely perfect. Hopefully, with the information that Top Game Hot gives, will help you choose the game that suits best.