The highly-recommended shooting games to try on PC in 2020

Here are top 5 best shooting games to try on PC in 2020

1. Sniper Ghost Warrior

Title Game Sniper or  Sniper Ghost Warrior was born in the peaceful land of Poland, the current was very well known and followed the success of their predecessors, titles has been improved and more complete a lot in advance.

You will experience the missions in the game according to different levels from easy to difficult, helping players to gradually get acquainted with the game. The higher the level, the more challenges that require the player to be quicker because of the relatively high information level of the AI, the player must perform sniper character controls to complete the tasks. fabricate.

2. Weapon 3

The game is set in the 2nd world war, for gamers who are passionate about the battles on the old fierce battlefields and of course you will transform into brave soldiers to fight to defend the righteous, kill die the enemy to return peace to the nation.

The game is set in the 2nd world war

With the gameplay and graphics attractive, in addition the game is built quite meticulously and in detail from the way of moving, aiming is really smooth. What you need to do must be carefully calculated and have a specific plan to be able to complete the task well.

3. Sniper Elite

Ranked No. 3 in that ranking is Sniper Elite – the most attractive sniper game in the world. The game plays in the 3rd perspective (Third Person Shooter), with thrilling gameplay that promises to give you a completely new feeling.

You will play the role of the American sniper Karl Fairburne on the way to Europe to stop the dark plot of the two countries, the Soviet Union and Germany to have full control of the missile launch system for the period. the end of the 2nd world war site.

Your mission is to go deep into the enemy’s heart to collect information about the enemy’s weapons, which is the powerful Tiger tank and then destroy the Nazi enemy troops to return home.

One of the attractions of the Sniper game is about meticulously built, top-notch graphics, smooth and flexible motion, extremely beautiful surrounding effects such as wind, leaves, combined with sound system in the game, will make sure to bring an extremely new feeling.