Top 5 best fighting games on Android nowadays (Part 1)

Let’s review 5 best online fighting games on Android operating system in the following article!

With the development of technology, antagonistic mobile games on mobile are becoming more and more modern, image quality is improved and gameplay is more and more attractive. So, which of the following fighting games absolutely deserves the top 5 of the best fighting games on Android operating system? Let’s review in the post below!

I. Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition deserves the first name on this list. Is a fighting game adapted on the mobile of the legendary fighting game line “Street Fighter”, this version is actually a perfect upgrade of the popular version of Street Fighter IV Volt on iOS.

Staging numerous characters of the game

Although not possessing beautiful graphics like contemporary games, it still shows the full details and movement of each character. Of course, with a mobile game genre full of games that have “good graphics, and the gameplay is the opposite”, Street Fighter goes against that. The game’s control system is quite intuitive, with 4-button D-PAD keys and virtual Joystick to help the character move, attack, or perform beautiful combo skills.

In addition to the usual game modes such as Arcade, Training, Survival, Champion Edition also allows players to play online, competing against others. Show your skills through top-notch combos, or narrow-minded moves, it all depends on you. The control system of the game is very simple and flexible.

II. The King Of Fighter 2012

Surely, fans of the fighting game series will not be strange with the name King Of Fighter, when it was very famous in the 9x years.

The King Of Fighter 2012 which is considered to be the “countervailing” version of the latest game series on mobile at the present time. The control mechanism of the 2012 version is not only simpler, more flexible, but also easier to combine combos than previous seniors. Players can unleash punches, select tactics to defeat the enemy.

Like Street Fighter IV Champion Edition, KOF 2012 has a huge weakness, that is the image. Unlike the extremely fun and inspiring sound for players, the 2D image of KOF 2012 is not really easy to satisfy most gamers when there are old games with even good image quality.