Top attractive online games for those who prefer PvP fighting

Here is a collection of online games that focus on PvP with action scenes that are popular with gamers.

Rise of Incarnates

In this test, there will be 8 character classes for gamers to choose, all with completely different skill sets, from mobility, power as well as the number of combo moves. This will create flexible gameplay mechanics that are very interesting for gamers.

In addition, the countervailing part of Rise of Incarnates will remain the same as the previous introduction, we will also learn more about Arcade and Bot mode.

Rise of Incarnates possesses relatively beautiful and impressive graphics, comic book style. The environmental effects in battle are also maximized when the character can destroy the environment such as breaking walls or some objects in the arena.

Cronix Online

Recently, attractive online action game with PvP Cronix Online has entered the testing stage through Steam system.

Basically, Cronix Online will “throw” you into a large and quite chaotic battlefield, gamers can change champions at any time and the weapons are also extremely diverse, ranging from close to fight far.

The game offers 3 game modes including: Survival (destroy the enemy to get a higher score, the winner will be decided when the time is up or the specified milestone is reached), Brawl (2 teams will compete against each other in the deadmatch style, the side that wins 3 or 5 games will win the game in the end) and Domination (capturing and holding the given points will be the target for scoring and winning).

As for graphics, Cronix Online is done on Unreal Engine (probably Unreal 3) so the image is still very impressive.

Champions of Regnum

Champions of Regnum – An online role-playing game that is highly appreciated for its battleground features with thousands of participants officially opened for free to welcome players on Steam. For those who are interested, you can find out more at the homepage

The combat mechanism in Champions of Regnum goes in the direction of non-target action. However, the attacks of the characters are relatively discrete, following each skill rather than hitting into combos like many non-target games today.