The highly-recommended shooting games to try on PC in 2020

Here are top 5 best shooting games to try on PC in 2020

1. Sniper Ghost Warrior

Title Game Sniper or  Sniper Ghost Warrior was born in the peaceful land of Poland, the current was very well known and followed the success of their predecessors, titles has been improved and more complete a lot in advance.

You will experience the missions in the game according to different levels from easy to difficult, helping players to gradually get acquainted with the game. The higher the level, the more challenges that require the player to be quicker because of the relatively high information level of the AI, the player must perform sniper character controls to complete the tasks. fabricate.

2. Weapon 3

The game is set in the 2nd world war, for gamers who are passionate about the battles on the old fierce battlefields and of course you will transform into brave soldiers to fight to defend the righteous, kill die the enemy to return peace to the nation.

The game is set in the 2nd world war

With the gameplay and graphics attractive, in addition the game is built quite meticulously and in detail from the way of moving, aiming is really smooth. What you need to do must be carefully calculated and have a specific plan to be able to complete the task well.

3. Sniper Elite

Ranked No. 3 in that ranking is Sniper Elite – the most attractive sniper game in the world. The game plays in the 3rd perspective (Third Person Shooter), with thrilling gameplay that promises to give you a completely new feeling.

You will play the role of the American sniper Karl Fairburne on the way to Europe to stop the dark plot of the two countries, the Soviet Union and Germany to have full control of the missile launch system for the period. the end of the 2nd world war site.

Your mission is to go deep into the enemy’s heart to collect information about the enemy’s weapons, which is the powerful Tiger tank and then destroy the Nazi enemy troops to return home.

One of the attractions of the Sniper game is about meticulously built, top-notch graphics, smooth and flexible motion, extremely beautiful surrounding effects such as wind, leaves, combined with sound system in the game, will make sure to bring an extremely new feeling.

Explore the top 10 most epic fighting games for PC nowadays (Part 2)

Injustice 2

PC fighting game or “Injustice 2” is the most attractive single-player fighting game available today. The plot of this PC fighting game is quite dramatic, with unexpected opening knots and character transitions, and dialogs that make it look like a complete movie.

In addition, the sound and the image are also a great highlight in the game, because players can feel how much Superman’s punch is, or a Flash that runs so fast. The game is supported on the following platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter is a PC fighting game that anyone can play: from professional gamers with the desire to assert themselves to mass gamers. The game is known as a king of all the current 2-person PC fighting games, as well as the name that laid the foundation for the development of fighting games appearing on the market.

This fighting game is the latest version to be released in the Street Fighter series, and like its predecessors, Street Fighter V once again continues to bring about what has once touched the hearts of fans Every time it is mentioned in terms of features, gameplay, and graphics system are carefully invested.

The game is supported on the following platforms including PC and PS4.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

This is a good fighting game for PC with the participation of famous superheroes in the Marvel and Capcom universes. The infinity stones in Infinity War also appear in this game as a tool to increase the power of the character.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is a good fighting game for PC

PC fighting game Marvel vs Capcom Infinite promises to bring players a series of fascinating battles between the two opposing factions. Players can play online or offline depending on their preferences.

The game is supported on the following platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Mortal Kombat XL

Mortal Kombat XL is an upgrade of the popular PC fighting game Mortal Kombat (Black Dragon). Referring to Mortal Kombat, it is certainly impossible not to mention X-Ray, Fatalities, and Brutalities – the moves that make players live and die with this game.

The game is not just about confrontation, but also a bloody battle that is enough to completely break what players have ever known about it. The game is supported on the following platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Explore the top 10 most epic fighting games for PC nowadays (Part 1)

The dramatic confrontations, epic combo skills or bloody closing stages to defeat the opponent are in the top 10 best fighting PC games below.

For Honor

A good fighting game for PC “For Honor” tells about the battle between the three most powerful legions of the Middle Ages, proclaiming the four directions with different cultures, including Samurai, Knight, and Viking.

This PC fighting game has conveyed the souls of all three armies, such as the cruelty, ferocity, and belief in the Viking to go to Valhalla upon death; Knight’s resilience; or the indomitable spirit of the Samurai and the competition of the Daimyo.

The game is supported on the following platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


This game is at the top of the best fighting game PC and is one of the first fighting games pioneering with a 3D graphics style. Another noteworthy point in this PC fighting game is a cast with more than 38 interesting half-evil characters, along with another guest class Akuma from the Street Fighters series. It also allows players to compete against many different opponents.

The game is supported on the following platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Omen of Sorrow

This is a very attractive PC fighting game when it has 12 creatures only in myths as well as horror legends in the world. This game promises to bring dedicated fighting mechanics for professional hard-core players such as reflecting the ability to control time, devise clear tactics, and enhance the player’s skills.

However, it still has a certain level of friendliness so as not to make it difficult for new players. More importantly, the PC fighting game “Omen Of Sorrow” is also programmed with an online game mode to help players show off their skills to many other gamers around the world.

The game is supported on the following platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

7 most exciting PC fighting games to explore in 2020

Let’s refer to and experience the fighting games on this PC for the best entertainment moments.

1. Marvel Contest of Champions

In the fighting game genre, Marvel Contest of Champions is a one-on-one battle between superhero characters and bad guys based on the content of Marvel’s works. The game was released in 2014, making Marvel fans fidgety.

2. Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X officially released in 2015, is the successor version of the game Mortal Kombat. In particular, the combat effects and skills of the characters have been improved and supplemented.

Mortal Kombat X officially released in 2015

3. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Super product game Injustice: Gods Among Us is waiting for gamers. The game owns many favorite characters, players will join the fight to win the final. Thanks to its beautiful game effects and diverse character system, the game was famous before its release.

4. Transformers: Forged to Fight

Are you a fan of Michael Bay? Combat characters in the game are huge fighting robots that participate in many intense fighting battles.

Combat characters in the game are huge fighting robots

5. Shadow Fight 3

If you have ever experienced the Moba game, you definitely cannot ignore the attractive Shadow Fight 3 game. Background game is a colorful war between characters designed in detail, costumes varied and beautiful, equipped with weapons and top skills. In the game, players will be attracted from costumes to the powerful effects of the characters.

6. Beat Street

You are looking for a simple fighting game, low capacity, suitable for mobile devices, you should definitely not miss the challenging Beat Street fighting game.

Beat Street was released by developer Lucky Kat Studios

This good mobile game released by developer Lucky Kat Studios is suitable for both Android and iOS operating systems. The graphic design and vivid sound in the game promise to bring great entertainment and relaxation.

7. The King of Fighters-A 2012

The King of Fighters-A 2012 version is the successor of the cult game Street Fighter time. The King of Fighters-A game supports multi-platform gaming on computers, laptops, or phones, convenient for entertainment anytime, anywhere. The gameplay in the game is designed in a diverse and impressive way, which certainly will not disappoint you.

What fighting games should you play on your PC nowadays? (Part 2)

Ninja fighting

Ninja fighting is a must-have game when it comes to fighting games on PC. All features in fighting Ninja are running, jumping, zombie attack, demons, monsters. In the game, you will transform into a hero with super energy.

Your mission is to fight demons, zombies, demons to complete the mission. Through each winning level, you will gather a lot of energy and experience to fight monsters.

Super Dragon Fighters

A fighting game on PC that we recommend to readers is Super Dragon Fighters. Enter the Super Dragon Fighter game, you will have to choose your fighter. Your mission is to power up your battleship to become the champion on Earth.

Mutant Fighting Cup 2

A fighting game on PC that you cannot ignore is Mutant Fighting Cup 2. Perhaps this is considered one of the lightest fighting games. You will choose your pet as the fighting character and control them so that they increase their power to win more in each challenge.

Each overcome challenge, you will be rewarded with a lot of experience and skill upgrades for your pet. Also, you can participate in the rankings with your friends and relatives to play.

The Sword of Life and Death

This is considered a fighting game on PC that is favored by many gamers. The context in the game is built in a kingdom where the people are falling into a miserable situation in the domination regime of the overbearing king.

Your mission is to transform into a descendant. You must defeat the other king so that the people will not suffer. Fighting with the king’s soldiers, corresponding to the difficulty levels of the game, is a challenge for you.

Terra Fight 2

Terra Fight 2 is a fighting game on PC that we want to introduce to you. Coming to Terra Fight 2, you will experience levels of the necessary weapons in the initial levels to fight the enemy. Through each battle, you will be upgrading your skills and rewarded to buy new weapons with more features.

BlazBlue RR

The last title in the fighting game series on PC to bring to readers is BlazBlue RR. This is a fighting game series from Japan with graphics that are familiar with Japanese manga cartoon characters will make you feel new.

The special feature in the game is the unique and fully functional control system panel that will not disappoint you.

Above are the top online and offline fighting games on PC that we have selected to bring readers the best quality games. Have a good time playing the game!

Good fighting game for PC from light to high configuration

Fighting Game is one of the series of games that receive the love of many people. Currently, many people want to experience this game, but due to the weak configuration of the computer, they wonder if they can play it. So, below we will share with you some good fighting games on PC.

Here are the top fighting games that promise to satisfy fighting game lovers!

Beast Boxing Turbo

Speaking of Fighting games or for pc, it is impossible not to mention Beast Boxing Turbo. Join the game, you will play the role of Char and fight in boxing competitions for monsters to bring glory to humanity.

First of all, you have to win against Piglas – a monster with a pig face and when you win Piglas he will become your trainer, giving you advice and combat experience. The game will take you to battle scenes with countless opponents with different strengths, weaknesses, styles… to win.

7 Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball 7, also known as Dragon Ball Xenoverse – is a kind of 3D PC fighting role-playing game that allows players to experience great. The game allows characters to freely move between planets, explore the world, and use skills to fly into the air, jump into the water to fight.

Kings of kungfu

A fighting game for pc extremely worth experience is Kings of kungfu. The game with extremely good and attractive matches, allowing players to experience many beautiful battles with diverse skills from the opponent.

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Continuing a genre of fighting game 3D extremely interesting and attractive not to be missed. The game has a lot of characters for you to enjoy choosing. Although the game does not have a clear and coherent storyline, with a large arena and many beautiful and attractive skills, this is a good PC fighting game that attracts a lot of gamers to participate, including fastidious gamers.

Mortal Kombat X

If you love fighting games or for pc, you can not ignore Mortal Kombat X. The game has flexible, flexible but extremely brutal moves. Join the game, you will experience great things, interesting things with many skills to use various weapons and attacks.

Above are attractive fighting games for PC from light to high configuration. Hopefully, you will have a great time with these fighting games!

The best PC fighting games of all time may not try yet (Part 1)

Are you looking for a fighting game or to enjoy the intense and dramatic game to defeat the opponent? Let’s check out the top of the best fighting PC games of all time below!

Mortal Kombat

Speaking of fighting games or for PC, we can’t help but mention Mortal Kombat. This type of game not only attracts players in the combo burden or graphics, but also in the Fatality moves.

If you win an opponent in the match, take advantage of the opponent is yawning on the screen to make a Fatality decision. The finishing blow in this game is quite violent, can tear the opponent’s body in half or blow the opponent’s head.

This type of PC fighting game not only attracts players in combo moves or graphics, but also in Fatality moves.

This horror has helped the game Mortal Kombat attract and excite players. This game does not wait until the end of the screen to have bloody scenes, slow motion and X-ray mechanisms that allow the player to see the effects of the attacks.

The fighting mechanism of the game “Mortal Kombat” is very flexible and delicate. Gamers can use the exact timing to attack or dodge with the most appropriate posture.

Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear is a 2D fighting game with 2D graphics with characters drawn in Japanese anime style. This game has been rated for beautiful graphics, more attractive gameplay than exciting rock music, stimulating players.

Guilty Gear was created by the System Works developer to make the Tutorial easy to understand for players to use. Players will be guided from pressing the move button to how to combo to not make gamers unfamiliar. Most of the Guilty Gear versions can be played on computers. If possible, players should use the best keyboard combo, no need to use the handle.

Bloody Roar

Bloody Roar is also a good PC fighting game that you should refer. This type of game also has another name is interesting arena. The first version of this fighting game was released in 1997 and a year after the Bloody Roar game was released.

Characters in the game have posture effects to ensure players have many interesting experience while playing. The most impressive and attractive player of this type is the gameplay. Bloody Roar has a flexible mechanism that transforms people into beasts.

Top PC fighting games that are highly expected in 2020 (Part 3)

Valkyrie of Phantasm

Developer Touhou Sky Arena Area Zero has announced Valkyrie of Phantasm, a new air combat game titled Touhou Project scheduled to release on PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC in 2020.

The content of the battles of VOP 2020 mainly surrounds the use of aerial magic to destroy opponents with traditional 1 VS 1 mode, players must avoid. Dodge missiles and bombs coming from 4 sides, just from trying to eliminate your opponent.

With the anime-manga-inspired design, this game is expected by many people to bring a new wind, besides, the manufacturer also said that this would be a good PC game, light, enough, so that the “not so terrible” configuration is still running smoothly. It sounds ridiculous but actually very reasonable.

Them’s Fightin ’Herds

Them’s Fightin ‘Herds’ is a 2D fighting game developed by independent studio Mane6. Production has shifted to the PC platform thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign on the Indigo website.

Obviously, if you look at the graphics, many people will consider this is not an excellent or offline PC fighting game, in fact, its target customers also do not send the stout gamers that most serve entertainment purposes.

But surprisingly, the reality of Her’s Fightin ‘Herds’ strength is its graphic design – a game based on Z-Engine technology. Although the main characters are legendary animals flying back and forth using magic to fight each other, that does not mean that this game is only for sisters to kick across.

On the contrary, the skill system is specialized with a long-lasting sequence effects. TFH’s capacity is also a strong point if the publisher wants to develop an expanded version on Mobile.

So, you expect to “enjoy” the names in the following list and predict who will be the boss in the top PC fighting game of 2020.

Top fighting games released in 2020 that you should not miss (Part 1)

It can be considered a successful year of survival games such as PUBG, Fortnite, while in the MOBA, LOL and Dota 2 segments still stand in the unique position. Facing such a situation, some industry giants like Riot have announced their focus on developing PC fighting games next year, is this the right direction?

Let’s take a look at the list of fighting games about to be released in 2020!

Street Fighter 6

With a statement that only supports ST-5 until 2020, many people predict CapCom will officially kill this game in the next year, but never will CapCom abandon its golden-laying chicken, even This giant also constantly affirmed to ST fans and will always be the most popular “Key Product” fighting game in the family. The launch of the ST-6 is only a matter of sooner or later.

However, the guess is just a guess, fans still have to wait for the Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) in March to officially know the debut date of ST-6, who knows CapCom will “drop hearing” and then change in the end?

Metal Revolution

This is a PVP game in the future context with the emergence of robots and machines, and is also a real-time PVP, not an offline PC or MOBA fighting game. The strong point of MR is that the graphics are specialized for each character, the skills are beautiful and stylish, something that not every Game Robot series has.

However, until now there has not been much evaluation information from the test players, we still have to wait for more attraction from the plot. MR is expected to have two versions for PC and PS4.

Cult Fighting Game Series Breakers

VisCo Corporation has officially confirmed it will bring back the legendary fighting game brand of the 90s next year: Cult fighting Breaker. This is considered a sequel to Breaker Revenger.

Currently, the details of the plot development as well as the character skills are all under wraps. Perhaps this is a good sign that the Breakers brand will be developed for a long time in the future.

Another sad thing is that this CFBs version is not widely released to fans outside of Japan. It seems that before the official release, we only have to watch the trailer.

Top 10 fighting games for PC nowadays (Part 2)

3. For Honor

For Honor tells about the battle between three legions with different cultures – Samurai, Knight and Viking – the most powerful legions in the Middle Ages, they profess in different directions.

The game conveys the souls of all three troops such as Knight’s integrity, brutality, cruelty, belief in death and will go to Valhalla of the Vikings and the indomitable spirit of Samurai and the rivalry of the Daimyo. Because the time is not much, only a mere 6 to 7 hours with 18 screens

For Honor is a bit of a Dark Souls, a bit of Dynasty Warrior and a little of the fighting genre to create a unique overall. Not too difficult to get used to but it is not easy to enter the high-profile position. In particular, about the three responses to attack and defense was hard work and training. The game is supported on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

4. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Road to Boruto

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Road to Boruto is a great extension for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 The plot of this extension goes far beyond the original manga’s content so you can live in the events.

The event happened after the end of the Naruto Shippuden series, and took control of completely new characters. This is the next generation of ninja warriors, many of which are the children of old heroes like Boruto (Son of Naruto) or Sarada (Daughter of Sasuke and Sakura).

Along with that, Hidden Leaf Village also has a new place to explore. The publisher confirmed that this will be the last game in this series, so the development team has put all their efforts into it, to make it the best part of the Series with extremely diverse and rich content. Although it is just an expansion pack. The game is supported on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

5. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

It is known that this is a fighting game featuring the famous superheroes of both Marvel and Capcom. In addition, the Infinity Stones in Infinity War also appear in this game as tools to help strengthen the character

The game promises to bring you fascinating battles between the two Marvel factions against Capcom. The game also includes 2 parts that are Offline and Online, along with many attractive game modes.