Top PC fighting games that are highly expected in 2020 (Part 2)

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

After officially announcing the game trailer and the nine main characters of the two main factions – evil, OPMAHNK immediately ignites the curiosity of gamers in general and Saitama’s crazy fans in particular. The game image is judged to be beautiful enough, but the unexpected elements are still hidden.

OPMAHNK will be released soon in 2020, the exact release date has not been set but we already know this will be a fighting game on PC, PS4 and XBOX in 3 VS mode 3. It is not known whether OPMAHNK will have become a bomb as expected by the manufacturer or not. Especially after the bomb inspired by the manga anime “Jump Force” made Bandai eat criticism in early 2019.

Granblue Fantasy Versus

Granblue Fantasy Versus is a classic fighting game, with the original version released for mobile devices, this game has successfully attracted millions of players around the world, contributing to making the Granblue Fantasy brand an icon.

The plot of the GFV obviously begins in a fantasy world, the main character from the island of Zinkenstill, accompanied by his best friend, the dragon Vyrn, on his way to search for the missing father. With a Fantasy style and quality soundtrack, it is believed that GFV PS4 version will not “lose face” of its predecessor.

King of Fighters XV

SNK is rushing to prepare the final finishing stages for the brand of King of Fighters: King of Fighters XV, with the goal of creating a new craze in 2020, both PC and PS4 systems.

Since its first official launch in 2014, KOF has remained the proud name of SNK Playmore. The proof is that the gaming community is extremely excited after receiving information about the next part of the game at EVO 2019. However, SNK should be wary of rivals, when 2020 is considered a time. Extremely intense competition for fighting game lines.

Top PC fighting games that are highly expected in 2020 (Part 1)

2019 can be considered a successful year of survival games such as PUBG, Fortnite, while in the MOBA, LOL and Dota 2 segments still stand in the unique position.

Facing such a situation, some big players in the industry, such as Riot, have announced their focus on developing PC fighting games next year, is this the right direction?

Let’s review the list of fighting games about to be released in 2020!

Street Fighter 6

With the declaration of supporting ST-5 only until 2020, many people predict CapCom will officially kill this game in the next year, but never will CapCom abandon its golden egg-laying chicken, even This giant also constantly affirmed to ST fans and will always be the most popular “Key Product” fighting game in the family. The launch of the ST-6 is only a matter of sooner or later.

However, the guess is just a conjecture, fans still have to wait for Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) in March to officially know the debut date of ST-6, who knows CapCom will “drop hearing” indiscriminately and then change. in the end?

Metal Revolution

This is a PVP game in the future context with the emergence of robots and machines, and is also a real-time PVP, not an offline PC or MOBA fighting game.

The strong point of MR is that the graphics are specialized for each character, the skills are beautiful and stylish, something that not every Game Robot series has.

However, until now there has not been much evaluation information from the test players, we still have to wait for more attraction from the plot. MR is expected to have two versions for PC and PS4.

Cult Fighting Game Series Breakers

VisCo Corporation has officially confirmed it will bring back the legendary fighting game brand of the 90s next year: Cult fighting Breaker. This is considered a sequel to Breaker Revenger.

Currently, the details of the plot development as well as the character skills are all under wraps. Perhaps this is a good sign that the Breakers brand will be developed long term in the future.

Another sad thing is that this CFBs version is not widely released to fans outside of Japan. It seems that before the official release, we only have to watch the trailer.