Fight of Animal as an attractive online fighting game

This is the game that shoots jubilantly right on your phone can not miss Game battle royale Shadow Arena open test.

When the “boss” one day on the floor like real fighters, you will have a different look when experiencing the game Fight of Anime has just appeared.

According to the information we just updated, Taiwan’s Digital Crafter recently released a pet fighting game on Steam.

An interesting fighting game

Fight of Animal is a fighting game, in which players manipulate using characters as pets, fighting against other pets. Currently the game has 6 options for fighting animals. All of them are designed based on images that are interested in the online community such as shiba dog, Russian bear, Northern fox… The characters are designed creatively, closer to the fighters.

Operation method when playing Fight of Animal game is quite simple. You just need to press the button as shown on the screen in a row to form the combo. This is similar to jumping Audition, follow the arrow keys and enter. It should be noted that you must press the button in time and accurately to be able to hit.

Players who win the match will receive gifts and materials to upgrade the boxers. Along with that, your rank will be raised in the results table. Fight of Animal players can participate in tournaments to improve their position.

Because this game is only played by simple button operations, you need to understand how to create combos. That is the secret to winning. Basically, the skill is connected from weak attack ability to strong attack through damage stat. Therefore, when attacking the opponent, you need to expand the ability to combine difficult techniques, create new and unique combos.

Overall, the game Fight of Animal has a relatively simple design. Images of animals also show monotonous, not really vivid, detailed.

The best PC fighting games of all time may not try yet (Part 1)

Are you looking for a fighting game or to enjoy the intense and dramatic game to defeat the opponent? Let’s check out the top of the best fighting PC games of all time below!

Mortal Kombat

Speaking of fighting games or for PC, we can’t help but mention Mortal Kombat. This type of game not only attracts players in the combo burden or graphics, but also in the Fatality moves.

If you win an opponent in the match, take advantage of the opponent is yawning on the screen to make a Fatality decision. The finishing blow in this game is quite violent, can tear the opponent’s body in half or blow the opponent’s head.

This type of PC fighting game not only attracts players in combo moves or graphics, but also in Fatality moves.

This horror has helped the game Mortal Kombat attract and excite players. This game does not wait until the end of the screen to have bloody scenes, slow motion and X-ray mechanisms that allow the player to see the effects of the attacks.

The fighting mechanism of the game “Mortal Kombat” is very flexible and delicate. Gamers can use the exact timing to attack or dodge with the most appropriate posture.

Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear is a 2D fighting game with 2D graphics with characters drawn in Japanese anime style. This game has been rated for beautiful graphics, more attractive gameplay than exciting rock music, stimulating players.

Guilty Gear was created by the System Works developer to make the Tutorial easy to understand for players to use. Players will be guided from pressing the move button to how to combo to not make gamers unfamiliar. Most of the Guilty Gear versions can be played on computers. If possible, players should use the best keyboard combo, no need to use the handle.

Bloody Roar

Bloody Roar is also a good PC fighting game that you should refer. This type of game also has another name is interesting arena. The first version of this fighting game was released in 1997 and a year after the Bloody Roar game was released.

Characters in the game have posture effects to ensure players have many interesting experience while playing. The most impressive and attractive player of this type is the gameplay. Bloody Roar has a flexible mechanism that transforms people into beasts.