Affected by the pandemic, PUBG suddenly revived

Gamers are encouraged to stay at home and limit the way, so PUBG has the opportunity to rediscover its peak.

It can be said that the name PUBG has been mentioned in recent months, but in a positive way, less is negative. Although it has been trying to save with constantly updating new things, from features to maps as well as a series of skins, but this game still has to witness the scene of the majority of players who have gradually quit the game.

Meanwhile, eSports teams also started wiping out the PUBG team. In addition to the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone, there is more reason to believe that PUBG’s “digital spirit” is over.

Trying to save with the updates did not work, but when PUBG Corp crossed their arms, everything showed signs of a positive change. Specifically, based on Steam statistics in recent times, PUBG has strongly revived when the sudden increase in the number of players.

Accordingly, on April 4th, there are more than the amount of CCU (the number of players at the same time) of PUBG sometimes reached over 950,000 – something that only existed a year ago for this game. Meanwhile, PUBG’s CCU last week was also at 600,000, a pretty good number to know that once the game was only about 300,000 players at a time.

PUBG suddenly had a strong increase in players on April 4

The explanation for this sudden “resurrection” is not difficult, since perhaps due to the complicated disease situation, the people were ordered to restrict the road, so PUBG online game suddenly became their lifeline in Chain of days at home. However, this is thought to be just a signal of a temporary comeback, not sustainable and long-term as the game itself still has too many bugs and bug cheats.