Top 7 old legendary fighting games to play on PC (Part 2)

4. Bloody Roar

A good battle arena game called  Bloody Roar game is one of the titles that can be considered a classic ever. Bloody Roar is a fighting game genre produced by the US company Hudson and later developed by the Japanese firm Konami.

Some characters in Bloody Roar can finish off the opponent in a single combo, in return for making this chain of combinations extremely difficult with the speed and sensitivity of the controller’s buttons.

5. Tekken 3

Continuing the series of fighting games associated with childhood, it is impossible not to mention Tekken 3. Tekken 3 is the one of the oldest game. The series of games over 20 years old, released by Namco Bandai, has won the hearts of players from the very first versions. Tekken 3 was released in March 1997 for the Arcade and in 1998 released for the Playstation.

Tekken 3 is the one of the oldest game

Tekken 3 brings together many characters from many countries around the world who represent that country’s traditional martial arts line on the ring. It’s one of the Tekken 3’s most engaging traits for gamers.

6. Mortal Kombat 4

Mortal Kombat 4 is the fourth installment in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series developed by Midway Games. Released for Arcade consoles in 1997, Mortal Kombat 4 was the first Mortal Kombat title to use 3D graphics, as well as one of the first 3D games made by Midway Games.

The gameplay of Mortal Kombat 4 is similar to that of its predecessor; One of the most notable changes is the use of weapons in battles. The plot follows the fallen god Shinnok’s attack against his former friends for holding him in the Netherealm years before the series’ storyline begins.

7. Samurai Shodown V Special

Surely you from the 9x generation will know the Neo-Geo game platform, there are many very good games in which you are passionate about fighting games, will never forget the Samurai Shodown game series. Samurai Shodown V Special, also known as Samurai Spirits Zero Special in Japan, is the ninth installment in SNK’s Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits series.

This is an upgraded version of the game Samurai Shodown V. The game was released on April 22, 2004, and the game is released on the following platforms including PlayStation 4, Arcade Game, PlayStation Vita, Neo Geo, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS.


Above are the fighting games of fighting that have gone into legend and will be part of the fierce childhood of many gamers that certainly cannot be forgotten.

Experience Gopet – an interesting online animal fighting game

Gopet is a game that simulates fighting tactics of pets that is very similar to the pets from a popular cartoon but limited functionality and more modest. Although it does not possess glossy graphics the gameplay of the game Gopet correctly describes the actual content more concentrated appears.

Is it possible that after downloading the game, how will you play to conquer many new areas in the game, if the difficulties involved exchange tips while playing to be more effective?

An attractive gameplay

When you have a pet, the first thing to take over Gopet is to nurture and take care of them carefully, to feed the pet to sleep the pet, and to develop comprehensively in all aspects.

Activities in the match must take place in parallel between the manager and the pet should always be like two pea pods in an inseparable pod. If your Gopet game pets aim to a mature and development phase, the new time is worth playing the Gopet period that will enjoy that achievement.

A new form of entertainment on social network

Not only is it an online game as is often seen, when Downloading Gopet games like taking players on quests and then bringing out the game, but this is a new form of entertainment on social network.

Gopet is a new form of entertainment on social network

Put gamers playing Gopet into a new dimension where it has the same types of pets you and millions of other kids have the same fun as managing and fighting pets. Since the process of entering the game and even picking up the right animals for you to engage in other activities with ease and harmony is an intense forming process.

You can download games for any operating system you want to play on other operating systems, you should use emulation software today the game has been quite famous and known since its unsuccessful launch. Focus on the number of players and players coach Gopet before the game to constantly increase every day and soon further development will be successful.

The most powerful online animal fighting game

The trait of outward pets is that the skill formation of competition in Gopet can launch attacks the pet will be fighting with magic and possibly many other forms. Each type of pet can grow differently and its development depends on how feeding and caring for a pet is growth like the most perfect and proper Gopet.

It is not allowed to choose bad fighting schools and left which have learned words because pets that will accompany you to the end of the changing journey but these features can be lost for victory.

The addictive fighting games to enjoy on your mobile devices (Part 1)

Fighting game is a game genre in which you will have to control a character and use the attacks, martial arts of that character to defeat.

Cast another character either by another player or by machine control. This is a game genre that requires fast reflexes, precise handling of situations, and skillful hand manipulation but does not need to think much.

This article will introduce you to the best online and offline fighting games for mobile phones nowadays.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Street Fighter is a classic fighting game series that has been around for a long time. Initially, this was a game for 4-button electronics, then it was for PC and PS4, Xbox. Recently, the publisher has released a mobile version of Street Fighter and the gameplay with the characters is not too different from other versions.

Injustice 2

This graphic fighting game is released by the big man Warner Bros. You will meet familiar faces in the DC cinema universe such as Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Joker, Aquaman…

Injustice 2 is released by the big man Warner Bros

Each match, you will control 3 characters in turn to defeat 3 enemy characters. The more you compete and complete the more missions, the more you will unlock new characters and more powerful gear. With Injustice 2, you can play offline against the computer or fight online with other players.

The King Of Fighter 98

The fighting game has classic graphics with more than 38 characters to choose from. You can choose 4-button or 6-button control mode, compete with your computer, or with friends over wifi or Bluetooth.

Real Boxing 2: ROCKY – Game Boxing Legend

Real Boxing 2: Rocky does not have flying moves like birds, no power, or colorful moves, but still as fierce as other fighting games. Not only that, interactions and collisions in the game also comply with the laws of physics in real life. That makes the games on the radio more realistic than ever.

If you do not know, this game was copyrighted by the movie Rocky, one of the best movies in human history.

What fighting games should you play on your PC nowadays? (Part 2)

Ninja fighting

Ninja fighting is a must-have game when it comes to fighting games on PC. All features in fighting Ninja are running, jumping, zombie attack, demons, monsters. In the game, you will transform into a hero with super energy.

Your mission is to fight demons, zombies, demons to complete the mission. Through each winning level, you will gather a lot of energy and experience to fight monsters.

Super Dragon Fighters

A fighting game on PC that we recommend to readers is Super Dragon Fighters. Enter the Super Dragon Fighter game, you will have to choose your fighter. Your mission is to power up your battleship to become the champion on Earth.

Mutant Fighting Cup 2

A fighting game on PC that you cannot ignore is Mutant Fighting Cup 2. Perhaps this is considered one of the lightest fighting games. You will choose your pet as the fighting character and control them so that they increase their power to win more in each challenge.

Each overcome challenge, you will be rewarded with a lot of experience and skill upgrades for your pet. Also, you can participate in the rankings with your friends and relatives to play.

The Sword of Life and Death

This is considered a fighting game on PC that is favored by many gamers. The context in the game is built in a kingdom where the people are falling into a miserable situation in the domination regime of the overbearing king.

Your mission is to transform into a descendant. You must defeat the other king so that the people will not suffer. Fighting with the king’s soldiers, corresponding to the difficulty levels of the game, is a challenge for you.

Terra Fight 2

Terra Fight 2 is a fighting game on PC that we want to introduce to you. Coming to Terra Fight 2, you will experience levels of the necessary weapons in the initial levels to fight the enemy. Through each battle, you will be upgrading your skills and rewarded to buy new weapons with more features.

BlazBlue RR

The last title in the fighting game series on PC to bring to readers is BlazBlue RR. This is a fighting game series from Japan with graphics that are familiar with Japanese manga cartoon characters will make you feel new.

The special feature in the game is the unique and fully functional control system panel that will not disappoint you.

Above are the top online and offline fighting games on PC that we have selected to bring readers the best quality games. Have a good time playing the game!

Introducing to the transforming superheroes game Kamen Rider OOO

The dramatic confrontations will be in the game Kamen Rider OOO. If you love transforming superheroes, this will be the game version that cannot be missed.

Let’s transform into the superhero you love and join the fiery battles with the unique skills of the human. Let’s find out with us right below.

Introducing the game Kamen Rider OOO

The earth building game is dominated by demons and they want to destroy the peace of the earth. To protect the earth and destroy the evil demons, the superhero team Kamen Rider OOO was established with the best people with super special skills.

Choose the character you have the most affection for and control the character to overcome the obstacles, the game screen to go to victory, bring light to the earth. Each character will have its interesting skills, so you must be sure to master the character you have chosen. At the same time, know how to use character skills at the right time and place to win.

Depending on the character you choose, you will use different skills such as accelerating, braking, reversing, or activating magic stones. Especially, characters can transform into cars. Extremely impressive racing and racing, good fighting power.

When they turn into energetic superheroes. Surely the game will take you from one interesting surprise to another. This will be a game that no gamer wants to miss.

Game Kamen Rider OOO builds a diverse character system, with up to 100 superheroes for you to choose from. The sharp 3D graphic design ensures you will have the most enjoyable and authentic gaming moments.

The system of skills and tactics

The system of skills and tactics are diverse. Each character has its unique moves, so you will certainly not be bored when playing many times and each time playing a character to feel better about the game. The sound is vivid, the levels play a lot so you should try to get through all the levels to bring victory.

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the fierce battles and races of Kamen Rider OOO, do not hesitate to contact We will share the link and guide you to install the game in a smooth, quality, and free game.

Join and download the Kamen Rider OOO game right to your device to experience exciting emotions, dramatic battles, thrilling right now!

Top 5 fighting games played by hand controller on PC nowadays (Part 1)

The handheld controller for gaming is no stranger to genuine gamers. To increase the experience when playing the game, the use of it in conjunction with the gamepad is essential.

We would like to introduce you to the Top 5 game controller support on PC through the article below.

Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 3

Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 3 is one of the names that surely PC game lovers will be fond of. Released in 2000, Naruto is still very popular and has attracted millions of plays.

In Naruto, you will take on the role of a ninja and participate in adventure activities, explore or also participate in several battles to protect villagers, study secret techniques, and forbidden magic in the ninja world.

The plot in part 3 is set in the 4th great ninja war between Konoha alliance and other alliances such as a sand village, cloud village, stone village, and mist village with Madara, Obito You will be playing the role of characters like Naruto, Sasuke in the advance play.

Besides, in this part, you will participate in controlling more than 100 different characters to be able to choose characters with different skills and strengths. If you are a fan of Naruto or want to experience the game line, Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 3 is not a bad choice.

Deathspank Trilogy

When it comes to the best handheld fighting game out there, I can’t help but mention Deathspank Trilogy. Released in July 2010 on Xbox 360 and 5 months later, the game was released on PC.

With content revolving around the character Deathspank – a rude warrior but has a sense of humor. Deathspank must go into a fantasy world to find a treasure called The Artifact – a mysterious object. In particular, Deathspank himself did not know what it was to find this treasure.

The plot is built mainly about humor through the tasks that the main character needs to complete and the lines of the characters in the game. If you want to have new experiences, the Deathspank Trilogy is one of the gamepad games on PC that you should not miss.

Bloody Roar as an attractive fighting game on PC

Today we will come to a rather old but not outdated game name, which is the game Arena Animal, a very beautiful fighting game with extremely attractive battle arenas and monsters.

Brief introduction about the game Bloody Roar

Bloody Roar is a classic game genre that has been around for a long time. In the game, you will choose a monster character to fight, these monsters all have your own skills and skills, your own strength, your task is to combine skills to defeat the enemy.

The game versions of the Bloody Roar

Currently, there are many different versions of this attractive online fighting games. Bloody Roarversion 2.0 will bring you the boxing phase with gore through beautiful moves, the gameplay is very simple, the graphics are not outstanding.

Meanwhile, Bloody Roar version 3.0 offers clear 3D graphics, the characters in the game still keep in version 2.0 but are cooler, more beautiful, especially with 2-person combat feature, you can experience the same, fight with your friends.

In Bloody Roarversion 4.0, there are significant improvements, characters up to number 17, the more special thing is that these characters have more skills, the game has Story Mode mode that is loved by gamers. At the time of graphics, the sound was more focused, all of which made the Arena of Animals more vivid and thrilling.

Bloody Roar version 5.0 is currently the latest version of the Bloody Roar, this is the era of skill combination, use 5 buttons to attack and combine them to create powerful moves, version requires players to have high skills to win. Of course outstanding game graphics, compatible with many Windows operating systems.

Characters in the game

There are many animal characters in the game such as Rabbit, gecko, eagle, lion, elephant, monkey, mouse, fox, boar… Each character will have advantages and disadvantages, You must fight wisely to overcome your weaknesses and develop your strengths.

There are many different arenas to match the difficulty of the game such as the warm-up arena for new players, the amateur arena, the professional arena for those who have really experienced.

Street Fighter III – the 21-year-old legendary fighting game

Fight For The Future is the third and final game in the Street Fighter III series that is best viewed by fans of the fighting game “Road to the Right”.

According to Gaming Lyfe, in May 1999, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Fight For The Future debuted on the CPS3 arcade system (often called arcade game). Up to now, after more than 2 decades, this is still one of the retro fighting games with the largest community.

3rd Strike Fight For The Future is the 3rd game, also the last part of the Street Fighter III series that is widely regarded by the fans of the fighting game as the best. The previous two seasons, Street Fighter III: New Generation and Street Fighter: 2nd Impact, have also been very popular.

It has been 21 years since Street Fighter III was born

The game is built on the foundation of 2nd Impact with a number of new characters and combat mechanisms. 14 playable characters from 2nd Impact back to 3rd Strike, along with new recruits like Makoto – a young Japanese girl specializing in karate, French boxer Remy is seeking revenge on her father for abandoning him and his sister.

In addition, there is the Q – a mysterious iron masked man, cloaked and Twelve, a strange human figure that can turn into any weapon like the T-1000 Terminator.

In terms of gameplay, most of the actions from 2nd Impact have been preserved, with the addition of a new Guard Parry. If you block a combo, Guard Parry can be used at the end of the combo to turn the player punch into red, making the opponent more vulnerable.

In 2011, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition appeared on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 systems. The Dreamcast version of 3rd Strike was released a year later, allowing fans to play the final boss. Besides, the game is also played on PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

The game also features the online version of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, released in 2011 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 systems.

3 addictive fighting games to try on your PC/PS4 in 2020

Fighting game is a popular game genre because of its high entertainment. However, this series is also considered relatively picky players.

Here are 3 addictive fighting games to try on your PC/PS4 in 2020.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

If you are a lover of fighting games, then surely you have known the famous Dragon Ball series or 7 dragon balls. This is always considered one of the best fighting games and the most favorite of all time. In this new version, Dragon Ball FighterZ no longer brings 3D graphics like its seniors but instead is 2D graphics with elaborate and extremely beautiful manga drawings.

However, the best feature of this game lies in the gameplay in the 3vs team games full of suspense and choking. With its excellent graphics and gameplay, Dragon Ball FighterZ deserves to be one of the best fighting games today.

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign

The game is considered legendary for the followers of the fighting game series. Launched in 1998 and is a veteran game with sustained vitality, Guilty Gear is still considered a fighting game worth playing and has a large loyal fan base.

In the Xrd -Sign version, the game retains the characteristics that make up the brand for this Guilty Gear series of games that is deep in play and skillful.

In addition, Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign also has new improvements, most notably removing 2D graphics to replace with 3D graphics to make the images in the game become sharp and beautiful, the movements also become smoother and more realistic.

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct was launched in March 2016 and very quickly, this game has attracted the attention of the gaming community who love fighting games as well as attracting a large number of players. Along with the legendary Fighter IV game, this game is considered to be the opening wave for the revival of the fighting game genre on Pc.

In terms of gameplay, Killer Instinct is fond of combos that require skills, long and extremely attractive. The game is built on a very carefully invested graphics that bring sharp images and especially the extremely beautiful, eye-catching effects.

It is the reasons mentioned above that have helped Killer Instinct to enter the Top of fighting games on the PC today.

Top 5 best fighting games on Android nowadays (Part 2)

Shadow Fight 3

As a dramatic improvement compared to the previous two versions, Shadow Fight 3 no longer uses simple 2D graphics and a cast of characters only all “shadow” again, but instead owns extremely beautiful 3D graphics background with its proprietary technology called “Cascadeur”.

It can be said, Shadow Fight 3 completely transformed from graphics, gameplay to how to lead the plot in the game. Fans of this series will easily recognize the epic action scenes of the battle, while enjoying exciting new features such as rich missions, deeply customized characters and A thrilling new plot, much more attractive.

Coming to Shadow Fight 3, players not only control the character in the normal way, but also have to coordinate the charges on a reasonable level. Not only that, the game also offers an extremely rich system of weapons and armor for players to collect and choose for their characters. Players can upgrade and develop them all to increase power significantly.

Injustice 2 Mobile

Injustice 2 Mobile is the mobile version of Injustice 2 game. This is the game that continues the success of the previous version of Injustice Gods Among Us with the continuity in content and more development in graphics, gameplay.

Although not possessing free and diverse gameplay like the three titles above, Injustice 2 has a very strong visual advantage, compared to any other game of the same genre. The game has sharp graphics, well-invested character creation and the effects are also very nice.

In addition to Injustice 2, you can also consider another game, Tekken Mobile.

Real Boxing 2 Rocky

Developed on high-end Unreal Engine 4 graphics, Real Boxing 2 Rocky deserves to be named in the fighting games that have both good gameplay and the best images in the fighting genre on mobile.

Unlike the above games, the gameplay of Real Boxing 2 Rocky is quite interesting. Players will participate in boxing matches from a very close angle, so you can feel the punches kicking the most honest way.

With a fast-paced and very intense game, always having to combine the skills of punching, defending, dodging and hitting fierce hooks on the enemy’s face, … Real Boxing 2 Rocky deserves a game For gamers who want to experience the most realistic kicking experience possible.