Reasons why fighting game is considered the toughest game genre

Fighting games always deserve to be called the toughest game genre, and the other genres are hard to match. If you have never played a fighting game once, the time it takes for you to get acquainted and become proficient with these basics will be more time consuming than other game genres.

All in all, there are 5 main reasons why fighting games are so difficult to play, although there are also some parts that are not entirely game-related, but more player-related.

1. Perform special attacks

Special attacks are always the best in the game, but doing it isn’t easy. You have to press a sequence of buttons to unleash a precise special attack. Doing this while being calm is also very hard work, let alone playing against other players or playing tournaments.

2. Perform standard combos only

The player will have to memorize the recipe to unleash a sequence of precise attacks on the opponent. The thing is, you not only need to press the right combo, but you also need to press each button at extremely precise times.

In fighting games, everything is calculated frame by frame, equivalent to 1/60 second. Incredible sound, right? However, the players also thought to add a special attack to the combo.

3. Attack and defense concept

You need to find a way to overcome the opponent’s defenses by using different skills such as throwing, attacking high, low, or taking advantage of errors when defending. Besides, you also need to know how to recognize and predict how the opponent will attack and defend to come up with the right counter.

4. Know your competitors

This can be revealed very clearly in a game like DOTA 2 or League of Legends, but, in the fighting game, it is also very important. Gamers need to know, what are their strengths and weaknesses as well as their opponents, from which they can take advantage of it to their advantage. It’s okay for a game with few characters, but games with lots of characters like Guilty Gear are tiring.

5. Master all 4 things in any game

The hardest and most important thing is to memorize the four basic things mentioned above, including switching to a new fighting game. Simply put, in each game, these principles are all changed, and these games are constantly innovating, not lasting as the MOBA games.

The most basic things like distance, when to jump, when to attack and defend, and especially to launch special attacks will need to be memorized.