Things you need to know about For Honor multiplayer fighting game

For Honor – a game product of giant Ubisoft has had the Open Beta and let gamers worldwide play for free. Having been abandoned by their teammates, gamers are still alone and clean with their friends Ubisoft seems to be attacking strongly in the multiplayer genre, as evidenced by its strong investment in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

However, the French giant not only holds in hand a single card, but the company also cheats the back of another equally promising rookie. Yes, we are talking about For Honor – the game revolves around the most bloodthirsty warriors in human history and hot online matches.

To participate in the free trial of For Honor you must have an Uplay account and have Uplay installed on your computer (A similar form to Steam but owned by Ubisoft).

Once you have an account and installed the software on your computer, click on Games then navigate to Free Games. Here you will see For Honor in the first place and can now preload game data. When Open Beta launch, For Honor, will automatically unlock for you to play.

For Honor Gameplay

​Introducing gameplay, For Honor lets gamers immerse themselves in the online arena in the coat of extremely bloodthirsty Coincidors. These warriors will be divided into three factions: Viking, Samurai, and Knight with each faction possessing special Class races. When finished factions chose gamers will engage in melee unique screen that the game world ever witnessed.

To participate in the free trial of For Honor you must have an Uplay account

​Here when confronting a member of the enemy faction, the player will enter the “Art of Battle” mode, where the two sides will face each other head-on. More understandably Art of Battle is a form of free combat, allowing gamers to kill and block attacks with the target locked onto enemies.

From there the game was introduced to the combat system consisting of three positions: overhead left and right. Players can choose these positions to attack but also face the possibility of being locked and counterattacked if the enemy guessed the right direction. Of course, this will also apply to the reverse with you, make up the screen over each other on the embankment snarled intense battlefield.​

After conducting Open Beta, For Honor will officially release on February 14 on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. All information about For Honor will be updated by GameHub for readers as soon as possible.