3 addictive fighting games to try on your PC/PS4 in 2020

Fighting game is a popular game genre because of its high entertainment. However, this series is also considered relatively picky players.

Here are 3 addictive fighting games to try on your PC/PS4 in 2020.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

If you are a lover of fighting games, then surely you have known the famous Dragon Ball series or 7 dragon balls. This is always considered one of the best fighting games and the most favorite of all time. In this new version, Dragon Ball FighterZ no longer brings 3D graphics like its seniors but instead is 2D graphics with elaborate and extremely beautiful manga drawings.

However, the best feature of this game lies in the gameplay in the 3vs team games full of suspense and choking. With its excellent graphics and gameplay, Dragon Ball FighterZ deserves to be one of the best fighting games today.

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign

The game is considered legendary for the followers of the fighting game series. Launched in 1998 and is a veteran game with sustained vitality, Guilty Gear is still considered a fighting game worth playing and has a large loyal fan base.

In the Xrd -Sign version, the game retains the characteristics that make up the brand for this Guilty Gear series of games that is deep in play and skillful.

In addition, Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign also has new improvements, most notably removing 2D graphics to replace with 3D graphics to make the images in the game become sharp and beautiful, the movements also become smoother and more realistic.

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct was launched in March 2016 and very quickly, this game has attracted the attention of the gaming community who love fighting games as well as attracting a large number of players. Along with the legendary Fighter IV game, this game is considered to be the opening wave for the revival of the fighting game genre on Pc.

In terms of gameplay, Killer Instinct is fond of combos that require skills, long and extremely attractive. The game is built on a very carefully invested graphics that bring sharp images and especially the extremely beautiful, eye-catching effects.

It is the reasons mentioned above that have helped Killer Instinct to enter the Top of fighting games on the PC today.