How attractive is Bloody Roar 4 fighting game?

Bloody Roar is a series of fighting games in the genre of fighting each screen produced by the US company Hudson then developed by Konami of Japan. This game is played on PS and Xbox and is very popular on these two systems.

In this game, characters are called Zoanthrope. The game features violent combat scenes, each character can be used in two forms, human and pet.

The game is highly appreciated for its creativity. When it comes to a fighting game where each character has 2 different shapes, one person and one animal, we will immediately remember Bloody Roar.

An attractive fighting game since 1997

Bloody Roar was launched in 1997 with the original name Beastorizer, inspired by the term Zoanthrope which is a legend that states that humans have the ability to transform into half-human beings, half animals and combine powers, animal instinct, with intelligence and human fighting techniques.

Bloody Roar was launched in 1997 with the original name Beastorizer

Through the process of breeding, causing genetic mutation and breeding, a new generation of people was born and named Zoanthrope. On the surface, they are not different from ordinary people, but in fact, Zoanthrope has hidden abilities.

When they reach a certain energy peak, they have the ability to entertain, which provides an unrivaled source of physical strength from the beasts they transform into.

One of the Zoanthrope’s greatest threats was a multinational coalition called the Tyron. This organization knew of the existence of the Zoanthrope people. Tyron is not merely hunting the Zoanthrope, their purpose is to use the power of the Zoanthrope with dark schemes.

The Zoanthrope was not resigned to Tyron’s control, so they turned against the organization, and eventually the Tyron was dissolved, but the Zoanthrope’s secret was revealed. Everyone knew of the existence of the Zoanthrope and the human race was determined to destroy the Zoanthrope.

To counter human pursuit, the Zoanthrope people formed an underworld known as the Zoanthroap Liberation Front (ZLF). And the street wars, mutual settlement takes place, and that is also the setting for endless battles in this game.